Brad Pitt’s Lost City role was considered for Keanu Reeves.

Exclusive: Directors Adam and Aaron Nee explain that Keanu Reeves was considered for Brad Pitt's role in The Lost City but was unavailable due to scheduling conflicts.

Keanu Reeves was considered for Brad Pitt's The Lost City part, but was unavailable during filming, according to directors Adam and Aaron Nee. Loretta Sage, a novelist who has become reclusive since her husband's death, is compelled to go on a book tour with her dimwitted cover model Alan Caprison in order to market her latest adventure novel. Loretta's life is turned upside down when eccentric billionaire Abigail Fairfax kidnaps her in the hopes of assisting him in finding a mythical ancient city described in her latest book, prompting Alan to step in and prove himself to be a true explorer. Loretta and Alan were played by Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, with Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Patti Harrison, Oscar Nunez, and Brad Pitt rounding out the cast. The Nee brothers directed the film, which was based on a script they co-wrote with Oren Uziel and Dana Fox, and received generally positive reviews from critics and audiences for the cast's performances, solid humour, and nostalgic sense of adventure harkening back to Romancing the Stone and The Mummy. The Lost City was also a minor box office success, generating over $163 million against a reported $74 million production budget, placing it as the year's ninth highest-grossing film.

The End-Credits of The Lost City Perfectly Set Up A Sequel (And Pitt's Better Role)

Screen Rant spoke privately with directors Adam and Aaron Nee about The Lost City ahead of its digital and streaming launch. When asked about Brad Pitt's notable cameo in the rom-com adventure, the team admitted they weren't sure they'd be able to obtain him for the part and had other actors in mind, including Keanu Reeves. Here's what Adam Nee had to say: Pitt appears in The Lost City as Jack Trainer, a mercenary who Alan meets while on a meditation retreat and is recruited to track Loretta down. Long before the first teaser for the adventure rom-com appeared, Pitt's participation in the picture was a hot topic, with early reports claiming he would just have a cameo role, although Adam Nee would later reveal he had a larger role. Thanks to his work on the upcoming action-thriller Bullet Train, in which Bullock stars in a role of undetermined magnitude, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was eventually cast for the picture. While Keanu Reeves' career has taken off since the start of the John Wick franchise, and he's shown his comedic abilities in Netflix's Always Be My Maybe, Pitt would be an excellent candidate for the character of Jack Trainer in The Lost City. Pitt's supporting performance in the film got fantastic reviews, combining the action movie cliches he has regularly used in the past with the comedic timing of some of his more underappreciated parts. The Lost City is now available on digital platforms and streaming on Paramount+, allowing audiences to catch up on Pitt's newest performance.

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