Directors Provide an Update on the Masters of the Universe Filming

Exclusive: After switching to Netflix, directors Adam and Aaron Nee provide an update on the Masters of the Universe movie's filming schedule.

After switching to Netflix, directors Adam and Aaron Nee provide an update on the Masters of the Universe movie's filming schedule. With the use of his Magic Sword and the power of Castle Grayskull, Prince Adam, the heir to the extraterrestrial world of Eternia, is granted the ability to transform into the strong hero known as He-Man. Masters of the Universe follows Adam/He-Man on his quest to conquer Castle Grayskull and utilise its powers to rule the universe against the evil sorcerer Skeletor and his cohorts. Filmnation's 1983 animated series of the same name, three reboots, Kevin Smith's Netflix sequel series Masters of the Universe: Revelation, and the critically acclaimed spinoff She-Ra and the Princesses of Power are among the many adaptations for the cinema. The Mattel toy line was initially adapted for the big screen with Dolph Lundgren as He-Man and Frank Langella as Skeletor in 1987's Masters of the Universe, which was a critical and commercial flop upon release but has since become a cult favourite.A new Masters of the Universe picture has been in the works for nearly two decades, with Netflix just acquiring the project's rights from Sony, and the production is finally gathering traction.

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Directors Adam and Aaron Nee gave a Masters of the Universe movie filming update while speaking exclusively with Screen Rant about the adventure rom-com The Lost City. Due to the time required to adequately prepare for the "big beast of a movie," the fantasy revival will not begin filming until Spring 2023, according to the duo. Here's what Adam Nee had to say: The Nee Brothers first signed on to direct the Masters of the Universe film in 2018, and have remained with the project through numerous changes, including multiple script rewrites and casting changes from Noah Centineo to Kyle Allen. After a series of setbacks, the project resurfaced in January when Netflix bought the film's rights from Sony, with The Path star Kyle Allen cast as He-Man and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings co-writer David Callaham penning the new draught alongside the directorial team. Surprisingly, the duo's Masters of the Universe movie filming update contradicts recent predictions that the Netflix title would begin production in New Mexico this June. While some fans of the franchise may be frustrated by the extended wait for the film, the Masters of the Universe movie filming update will undoubtedly be welcomed by others. The Nee Brothers are clearly committed to properly adapting the unique fantasy world of Eternia for the film by spending their time determining their vision, rather than rushing ahead only partially prepared. With the release of Masters of the Universe not until Spring 2023, it now appears like the long-awaited relaunch will arrive in theatres in 2024.

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