Pea Michael Spin-off of Jack Ryan Amazon is said to be interested.
Amazon is apparently considering a Jack Ryan spinoff starring Michael Pea. The action series, based on characters from Tom Clancy's fictional universe, debuted on Prime Video in 2018 and follows the main CIA analyst, John Krasinski, as he is taken from his desk job and sent into the field to battle political conflict and corruption. Pea's appearance in Jack Ryan was confirmed in October, although little was known about his character other than the fact that he will appear in many episodes.Wendell Pierce, Abbie Cornish, Noomi Rapace, Jovan Adepo, and Michael Kelly have all appeared in the show's two seasons, and while season three has yet to be published, season four was greenlit when Pea was added. According to Deadline, a potential spinoff centering on Pea's character is being considered, as the series is likely to end after season 4. Domingo Chavez, a member of the CIA who has appeared in multiple Tom Clancy novels and served as the executive officer of Rainbow Six, will be played by the actor. Before becoming a regular in season 4, he will be introduced in the Jack Ryan season 3 finale.

Jack Ryan: What to Expect Season three

In Season 3 of Jack Ryan, Pea will be joined by new showrunner Paul Scheuring and new cast members Betty Gabriel and James Cosmo. Pea has proven his versatility in films like End of Watch, American Hustle, the Ant-Man flicks, and Narcos: Mexico, and he can easily continue the franchise. Fans may catch him in the upcoming Secret Headquarters, and when Jack Ryan comes to Prime Video, fans can expect to see him play Domingo Chavez.

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