The Hulk vs. Thor Rematch Confirms They Both Have a New Weakness

While Marvel Comics is preparing for a new showdown between Thor and the Hulk, both heroes have recently faced the same issue.

Both the God of Thunder and the Jade Giant are suffering from the same new weakness, according to a new trailer for Marvel's Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War. While it's unlikely to change the epic character of their approaching confrontation, it's worth noting that neither hero will be fighting alone. This is due to the fact that both Hulk and Thor now have "back-seat drivers" (that neither of them can get rid of.) It's worth noting that Donny Cates is now writing both Marvel's ongoing Hulk and Thor series. As a result, the fact that Bruce Banner and the God of Thunder have a comparable dynamic is scarcely coincidental. Bruce Banner has turned the Hulk's body into a spacecraft, having changed his mentality into that of a command bridge where he's in control with the Hulk's wrath providing as fuel, in Cates' new Hulk series with artist Ryan Ottley.Captain Banner, on the other hand, is frequently accompanied on the bridge by a manifestation of his first love, Betty Ross (who can become quite dark as well). In contrast, the God Tempest within Thor's hammer has been destroyed in Cates' continuing Thor comic with artist Nic Klein, and has been replaced by the spirit of Odin, who recently sacrificed himself to save his son.

Hulk Proves That Fans Have His Banner Relationship Completely Backwards

  In the new preview for Donny Cates and Martin Coccolo's Hulk vs Thor: Banner of War Alpha #1, Thor and Hulk are getting ready to fight. However, it's amusingly stated that it won't be a strictly one-on-one battle. Both heroes have someone in their ear, guiding them and giving them advice whether they want it or not. Take a look at the preview pages and synopsis for the next issue: Clearly, neither Banner nor Thor appreciates their backseat drivers, who both appear to want them to use the increased levels of power they've obtained since their last fight. Banner has more control over the Hulk than he has ever had. Similarly, Thor now has complete control over the Odin-Force, which has become his own Thor-Force. As a result, this new conflict could disrupt the very foundations of the universe, especially if Titan is unleashed against Asgard's new King (the far more brutal Hulk within the Hulk). While a certain spider-themed hero would warn Thor and Hulk that great power comes with tremendous responsibility, it doesn't help that they both have voices in their heads urging them to use their strength to its maximum potential, regardless of the consequences or collateral damage. Thankfully, Thor had the foresight to have Lady Sif send him and Hulk to the Black Hand of God, an arena where they may theoretically fight securely - but only time will tell if their fight will spill beyond the stadium's bounds and into a cosmos that isn't prepared for this clash of the gods.

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