What Kim’s “Coming Next” Line To Jimmy Means in Better Call Saul

After Jimmy loses the fight, Kim tells him that he "knows what's coming next" - what does she mean?

In Better Call Saul, Kim's line to Jimmy that he knows "what's coming next" has an ominous tone. Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) shows disgust after being dragged into an after-hours boxing battle by Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian). Howard intended to put an end to the long-running conflict between the lawyers by proving that Jimmy was behind the bogus charges of his cocaine addiction, but both men realise it's far from finished. Howard and Jimmy's conflict has been running through Better Call Saul since the beginning. Howard, like Kim and Jimmy's brother Chuck (Michael McKean), has a role in the development of the Saul Goodman persona. In the first season of Better Call Saul, Howard files a lawsuit against Jimmy for infringing on Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill's copyright. Jimmy, enraged, shouts, "He wants me to change my name!" Howard gets his desire, but their animosity hasn't ended simply because Jimmy has transformed into Saul Goodman, and Kim's comment hints it'll only get worse.

The Jimmy Story in Better Call Saul Exposes Breaking Bad's Worst Hypocrisy

Kim is still working on the con throughout "Black and Blue." She organises a meeting with Viola (Keiko Agena), a former colleague, in order to elicit further information regarding the Sandpiper Crossing litigation. Kim is dead set on getting the information she needs from Viola about which judge will hear the case. Mike observes Kim in season 6, episode 4, "Hit and Run."made of sterner stuff," she says, and she proves it in the next episode. While Jimmy has been con artist since boyhood, he's now met his equal in Kim, a cunning and astute con artist who is the main driving force behind their plot against Howard. Jimmy's confrontation with Howard, rather than derailing their preparations, appears to Kim to be an unexpected plus in their con. That's why she tells Jimmy that he fought Howard because he "knew what was going to happen next." What happens next is unclear, but the events of "Black and Blue" hint that the fraud is more complicated than a bag of cocaine and Wendy and the Kettlemans' return. When Cliff Main (Ed Begley Jr.) confronts Howard about his cocaine use, he sees his colleague lose control, blaming Jimmy and denying Cliff's charges. Cliff Main sees his son in Howard's paranoia, refusal to help, and erratic behaviour because of his family's drug addiction history. Howard may be playing into Jimmy and Kim's hands by challenging Jimmy to a fight. The aim has always been for Kim and Jimmy to plant the impression that Howard Hamlin is unsuitable to handle the Sandpiper Crossing case, resulting in a quick conclusion and a large reward for Jimmy. It won't be enough to hurl Wendy from a car with a small amount of cocaine and Jimmy posing as Howard. Jimmy wears Kim's foundation to disguise the black eye he received from Howard when he returns from his fight. Kim suggests that it would be a good promotional opportunity; "Saul Goodman: I fight for you".Another piece of evidence in depicting Howard as an unpredictable and incompetent counsel would be a photo of Jimmy with a black eye from Howard. "What's next" in Better Call Saul is the continuous deconstruction of Howard Hamlin's character, and now that Kim has the judge's contact information, she'll approach him with her "concerns" about Howard. Jimmy's black eye will be really useful, which is why he consented to fight.

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