Venom’s mysterious reveal has forever altered Marvel lore.

As Marvel prepares to alter Venom's lore yet again, Eddie Brock appears to be on his way to become one of the universe's most powerful magicians.

The lore surrounding Venom is going to shift again again, thanks to Marvel Comics. The Free Comic Book Day 2022 Spider-Man/Venom book previews a new future for Eddie Brock, who is reportedly destined to become one of the most powerful magicians in the Marvel Universe, following the massive upheaval produced by the entrance of the King in Black and its consequences. Venom's origins were intertwined with Spider-Man in a very close way. During the first Secret Wars, Peter Parker was the first to discover the Venom symbiote on Battleworld, and the monster eventually mated with Eddie Brock and duplicated Spider-power Man's and look. The most recent Venom reboot, on the other hand, focused on deepening the character's backstory and retconning the symbiotes' origins as servants of the primaeval god Knull, the King in Black. Eddie Brock became the new King in Black, a sort of space deity who is now the nexus of the symbiote hive mind, granting him powers that transcend space and time, as a result of the big revamp. Eddie's status in the Marvel Universe, however, is poised to shift once more.

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A Venom tale written by Ram V and Al Ewing with art by Stefano Raffaele and Alex Sinclair appears in the Free Comic Book Day 2022 Spider-Man/Venom issue, giving fans a peek of what lies in store for Venom. Eddie Brock is currently trapped after his human body was destroyed by a mystery organisation millions of years ago and he was resurrected as a symbiote. He makes it to the "hive's heart, " the King in Black's engine room, where a mysterious voice, most likely representing the symbiote hive, informs him that he is on "the road of the magician." He'll have to choose between two paths: "white magic," which strives to recreate the world by avoiding it, and "black magic," which the voice defines as "that which works in and for the world." When Eddie responds that he is not a magician, the voice responds that this is only true according to the rigid definition of his own time. This is an entirely different perspective for the character, who has never been associated with the "mystic arts," as magic is known in the Marvel Universe. Eddie is already a magician, according to the voice, even if he doesn't recognise himself as one, which is a major retcon of the entire symbiote narrative. The word "qlippoth" is mentioned in the story, and it refers to the Qliphoth, a Kabbalah concept that represents wicked spiritual powers in Jewish mysticism. Qlippoth has previously appeared in Immortal Hulk. a series by Al Ewing that is heavily influenced by mysticism. This could indicate that Venom will venture into the realms of magic, as the tale suggests. Following "the road of the magicians" might propel Eddie Brock to new, unimaginable heights, given that he is already one of the most powerful individuals in the Marvel Universe after assuming the mantle of King in Black. The Sorcerer Supreme's feats demonstrate that magicians in the Marvel Universe can have terrifying abilities. Eddie will require all of his strength to overcome Meridius, the enigmatic time-traveling King in Black who is responsible for his future rebirth. This new concentration on magic could lead to exciting advancements for the character, but Venom's history has already undergone some significant modifications in recent years. Because the character began as a Spider-Man villain but grew in popularity due to its enormous fan base, Marvel should be cautious about changing the character's backstory too frequently. It'll be intriguing to see where Venom and Eddie Brock end up with these new thrilling developments.

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