Ethan Hawke Is Trending Due To A Resurfaced Superhero Movie Defense Video

Ethan Hawke is trending on social media for his past nuanced and refreshing perspective on superhero flicks, following his recent involvement in Disney+'s Moon Knight.

Ethan Hawke, a recent Moon Knight antagonist, is trending due to an unearthed video of the actor's answer to comic book movie debate. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, superhero films such as X-Men (2000), Spider-Man (2002), and Batman Begins (2005) began to pervade popular culture more than ever before. The Marvel Cinematic Universe was effectively inaugurated with Marvel Studios' Iron Man (2008), prompting the formation of Warner Bros. and DC Films' DC Extended Universe. Now that superhero films have taken over modern culture, several directors have spoken out against them. Martin Scorsese compared Marvel films to predictable "theme park rides" in 2019, claiming that they detract from smaller films' attention and chances. This sparked a trend of filmmakers from outside the art form being asked about comic book movies and voicing their criticisms. Ridley Scott famously described them as "f—king dull as sh-t," while Francis Ford Coppola described them as "despicable" for avoiding risk in the name of commercial appeal and financial gain. While controversial statements like these continue to split the internet, an old Hawke video is bringing people together.

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  Hawke supported superhero movies in a 2018 interview with RayWorkProductions, saying, "I love superhero movies, I love art-house movies." I don't believe there is a distinction between high and low art. There are films that people put their hearts and souls into, and then there are films that people try to profit from. And the ones I prefer are the ones that people care about, and you can tell in a superhero film. alternatively it can be felt in an arthouse film." Many people have praised the actor for his nuanced take on how there needs to be room for various sorts of art. Below you can see the original video as well as some of the reactions to it: Hawke agrees that superhero movies hold a prominent place in today's film industry, depriving lesser films of opportunity. However, the accomplished actor, director, and writer recognises that this does not preclude comic book films from being art, as evidenced by his most recent film, Moon Knight. Hawke signed up to portray Arthur Harrow in the MCU's latest Disney+ series without ever reading a script after speaking with his co-star, Oscar Isaac. Hawke has since thanked Marvel Studios for giving him the freedom to build and manipulate his character. Marvel Studios has extended its doors to innovators and talent like Hawke as the MCU continues to grow. While Moon Knight's hero's journey plot, big budget, and CGI could be criticised, the series' treatment of mental illness and tragedy is anything but predictable. Fans can tell that creator Jeremy Slater, Egyptian filmmaker Mohamed Diab, and the cast put their hearts and souls into Moon Knight. Comic book movies and series may one day be considered high art as more directors deviate from the supposed template and innovate. That isn't to say they should own every inch of the industry. Hawke recognises that both things could be true.

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