In fan art, the Blue Beetle gets a perfect modern upgrade DC should make Canon.

In a fantastic piece of fan art from Gabriel Picolo that needs to be made DC Comics canon, Blue Beetle gets to relax and enjoy his time off.

Another brilliant piece of DC Comics fan art from Gabriel Picolo, this time featuring his version on Blue Beetle, which puts a new perspective on the popular hero. Picolo published his art of Jamie Reyes' Blue Beetle on Twitter, which the artist has reimagined in his own way. The result is a collection of fan art that DC Comics should turn into a new young adult graphic novel right away. Gabriel Picolo, a Brazilian artist who has transformed his fan art into a full-fledged career with DC Comics, is one of the company's top performers. Picolo has collaborated on a series of Teen Titan graphic novels with Kami Garcia, including stories about Beast Boy, Raven, and the two together. Garcia and Picolo will reunite for Teen Titans: Robin, which will incorporate their storylines from prior YA graphic novels while building their own DC Universe. Thankfully, Picolo's profession hasn't stopped him from creating fan art of other DC Comics characters, and his most recent pieces featuring Blue Beetle are fantastic.

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Picolo took to Twitter to express his perspective on Jamie Reyes' Blue Beetle. The artwork depicts Reyes as a youngster taking a selfie, sitting on his skateboard (which has a bug on the back), and, arguably the best image, Reyes mid-transformation into Blue Beetle as he skateboards down a stairwell railing. The fan art humanises the superpowered hero while providing a day-in-the-life view into Jamie's Blue Beetle, as does most of Picolo's work. Picolo voiced his enthusiasm for the DCEU's next Blue Beetle film, praising Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine for her role as Penny, Jamie Reyes' (Xolo Mariduea) lover. Picolo expressed gratitude for the Blue Beetle fan art response on Twitter, with over 100,000 likes, and promised to create more Jamie Reyes in the future. Even Kami Garcia jumped in, adding that while no plans for a Teen Titans series centred on the character were in the works, "maybe one day" the two could take on the hero.

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