In this BTS image from Rob Zombie’s Munsters, Catherine Schell wraps filming.

The Munsters reboot director Rob Zombie has released a fresh behind-the-scenes shot, confirming legendary actress Catherine Schell has concluded production.

With a new behind-the-scenes shot, Rob Zombie says Catherine Schell has wrapped production on his adaptation of The Munsters. In Zombie's film, Schell plays Zoya Krupp, one of many new characters introduced to the franchise. Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang (Richard Blake), Floop (Jorge Garcia), Barbara Carr (Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson), and Igor have all been introduced since production began (Sylvester McCoy). Jeff Daniel Phillips, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Daniel Roebuck, all frequent collaborators of Zombie, play Herman, Lily, and Grandpa in the reboot. Schell was a popular actress in the 1970s and 1980s, appearing in films such as On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Doctor Who, and The Return of the Pink Panther, before retiring in 1996. It's unclear how Zombie persuaded Schell to come out of retirement for The Munsters, but Zoya Krupp will be a landmark performance for Schell, who hasn't acted in nearly 30 years. When Zombie announced her casting in early 2022, he gave us our first glance at Zoya Krupp. Aside than that, little is known about Schell's personality.

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While filming on The Munsters continues, Zombie says that Schell's scenes on the reboot have been completed. To commemorate the completion of filming, the filmmaker published a new behind-the-scenes photo of Schell dressed as Zoya Krupp, welcoming her to the "world of Gods and Munsters." The original post by Zombie can be found here: Even though Munsters fans have no idea who Zoya Krupp is, Schell's background in the industry should let her add something unique to the film. Zombie's decision to bring her out of retirement demonstrates his dedication to the cause. When Zombie announced that he would be directing a Munsters reboot, many people were alarmed. The Munsters, after all, is a classic family-friendly horror sitcom, practically the polar opposite of Zombie's prior work. Worries have faded as Zombie exposes more details about his film, including a PG rating. This is just the latest in a series of Munsters behind-the-scenes photos released by Zombie. Zombie has maintained high levels of anticipation by regularly updating followers. McCoy finished filming as Igor at the end of last month, and now that Schell has finished as well, The Munsters could be wrapping up soon. The Munsters reboot is set to premiere on Peacock this fall, so after the principal cast members have wrapped filming, Universal will work on releasing the first trailer or other official first look to promote Zombie's film.

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