The Latest Villains of Superboy are a Clone Army, and They’re a Perfect Match for Him

Superboy: Man of Tomorrow promises action and passion as Conner battles evil clones, according to a 10-page preview issued by DC.

On DC Infinite, DC Comics has released DC's Round Robin #2, which offers a sneak peek at Superboy: Man of Tomorrow, one of the last two Round Robin finalists, which features a soul-searching adventure by Conner Kent, Superman's clone, and Lex Luthor. Superboy has had numerous lives throughout his publication history, and Kon-El has managed to inspire a huge number of devoted fans who are tremendously optimistic about Man of Tomorrow's chances of winning DC's 2nd Annual Round Robin tournament. After two years of fan voting, DC may make Round Robin a yearly event in which DC invites comics writers to submit series proposals and concept art (for a fee!) for fans to vote on, with the winner getting their pitch published as a full limited series. While there were many incredible pitches during the Round Robin for 2022, the final two titles standing were Suicide Squad: Dark and Superboy: Man of Tomorrow, which fans may now vote for to choose the eventual winner.

Across DC's Multiverse, an army of Superboy clones has been unleashed.

Superboy: Man of Tomorrow, written by Kenny Porter (Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Batman Urban Legends) and illustrated by Jahnoy Lindsay (Hawkeye: Kate Biship, Truth & Justice), has emerged as one of the final two contenders for a variety of reasons, ranging from the gorgeous concept art to the emotional pitch to the fans' fervent love of the character Conner Kent. While it is unclear in what continuum or chronology this story takes place, it is evident that the series' main emotional arc is about Kon-El discovering his place in the cosmos and his purpose, as the heroes of Earth appear to have dealt with all of the planet-side concerns. Given Jon's presence in Superman despite Conner's claim to the title, it's understandable that Conner would feel out of place. After being inspired by Ma and Pa Kent, Conner will depart Earth, which "brings him face to face with a group of freedom warriors who challenge not just what Conner stands for, but what it means to bear the Superman insignia." Conner has the Fortress of Solitude's AI robot Kelex locate a cosmic catastrophe and uses a defective Zeta-Beam teleporter band to fly to an unknown world that is being attacked by Dominator Warships with clone warriors. Superboy quickly approaches a local creature for further information about the attack, who informs him that they abduct their greatest warriors and use their spliced DNA to create new super-soldier clones. Conner's character development and stories have typically focused on him trying to figure out who he is as a gene-spliced clone, and now this conflict has taken on a deeply emotional level for him. Hopefully, The unpleasant background of Kon-El as a clone will be the driving force behind this voyage of finding one's home, but the incredibly tough-looking clones depicted on the last page also promise that this series will be full of nasty fights for Superboy! Conner will need to go between the Dominators and a rebel space group called the Cosmoteers to "carve a brighter future for worlds that don't have a Superman," according to the previously published pitch for the series. Vote for Superboy: Man of Tomorrow if you like Conner Kent, the ruthless Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, or other dramatic action-packed space romps.

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