In a new film adaptation of Hamlet, Riz Ahmed will play Hamlet.

Riz Ahmed will act in and produce filmmaker Aniel Karia's upcoming adaptation of Hamlet, with whom he previously collaborated on The Long Goodbye.

Riz Ahmed, who starred in Rogue One and Sound of Metal, is scheduled to feature in and produce a new rendition of Hamlet, which will be directed by Aneil Karia. Ahmed and Karia previously collaborated on the Oscar-winning short film The Long Goodbye, in which Ahmed served as co-writer and producer and Karia served as co-writer and producer. After The Academy trimmed the show's runtime, the award was assigned to one of the spots in the ceremony that weren't televised on television. Surge, Karia's first feature film, was critically acclaimed and stars Ben Whishaw as an airport worker who had a mental collapse. According to Deadline, Karia and Ahmed will reunite to collaborate on William Shakespeare's story about the Danish prince. Ahmed will play Hamlet in the principal role, with Morfydd Clark and Joe Alwyn from Saint Maud. This modernised version of Hamlet will see the prince transferred to London's present nightlife scene, where he will attend opulent parties while on a violent revenge quest.

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Karia and Ahmed are quick to stress out that this version of the story will deal with privilege and corruption, reiterating themes from The Long Goodbye. It may thus out to be one of the most innovative and refreshing Shakespeare adaptations to hit the big screen, extending Riz Ahmed's string of excellent performances. The Sound of Metal star is still going strong, appearing in award-winning films and fearlessly speaking out against Hollywood's bad portrayal of Muslims, making him the ideal candidate to bring one of history's most iconic characters into the modern era.

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